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Zam Zamz Mediterranean Grill is a family owned restaurant that was created by three men who wanted to bring a little piece of home to Memphis, Tennessee. All the fresh ingredients and daily-baked bread give a little insight to the meals these men grew up eating. A Mediterranean mouthful of authentic dishes are served fresh and quick right in front of you. With our talented and creative staff, we work hard to provide impeccable service and flavorful food.

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ZamZamz Mediterranean
Grill is Kind of a Miracle

The cones of meat are slowly, deliciously twilring right behind the counter. You can order the usual Mediterranean/Greek fare like chicken shawarma, gryos, falafel, lamb, hummus, kabobs, baba ghanoush, Greek salad, tabbouleh, and baklava…

- ilovememphisblog.com

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Mediterranean Staples in
Fine Form at ZamZamz

The spicy chicken is my favorite, but it’s served with the restaurant’s version of harissa, and it has a bite. Harissa is a North African condiment, a fiery pepper paste that packs serious Scoville units when served straight. At ZamZamz, it’s mixed with yogurt before it’s served…

- The Commercial Appeal

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Some of the Best
Shawarma, and in Memphis

I got to see them shave the meat of the gorgeous roasting chicken and plop it into my pita, and they packed it well with veggies. All the sides, such as the tabbouleh, corn salad, baba ghanoush, hummus, and pita, were all fresh, too. It was an enjoyable experience…

- teentraveltalk.com

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